Stories by Clients Like You

Alarm Clock

Overtime Expenses

An operator was having an issue with rising employee expenses that were driving their NOI further from their budget.

Using Cleverspeck Analytics, it was determined that a few properties had an excess amount of overtime.  It was also determined that many of these properties had full time employees that were being underutilized.  

After several employee conversations, scheduling was adjusted and those properties decreased their overtime by 50%.  The property that did not have underutilized employees focused on hiring and was able to decrease their overtime as well.

Image by Dan Gold

Food Costs

An operator was having issues with food costs varying widely across properties. 

Using Cleverspeck Analytics, the operator was able to compare properties within similar geographic regions to normalize food cost between those properties.

An action was taken to use best practices among similar properties, such as comparing suppliers, to bring food cost in line with each other.

Patient and Nurse

Nursing Agency Costs

An operator was able to determine that a property had an unusually high nursing agency expense. 

Using Cleverspeck Analytics, upon further analysis, the nursing agency staff usage was to bring the property's overtime inline with expectations.

Action was taken to focus on hiring new staff and utilize existing employees to decrease the nursing agency usage.